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The Story behind the Co-Founder



Aaron Wilson

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Aaron's Story

Aaron Wilson is a serial entrepreneur who has leveraged his hard skills and sharp business acumen to blaze a trail in an array of industries. He received his bachelor’s degree in business from the Binghamton University School of Management (known as one of the top business programs in New York State) and spent the first few years of his post-undergrad career in finance at JP Morgan Chase & Co.


After a few years in finance, Aaron transitioned into human capital consulting & recruiting with the hopes of making a move into a more dynamic industry. During his time in the executive search, human capital & recruiting space, he grew rather quickly ascending to Director-level roles and being asked to participate in Chris LaVoie’s London-based “Art of Recruiting” documentary, where he was featured as one of the Top 20 recruiting & sales professionals in the world. Throughout the duration of his career, Wilson has produced tens of millions in revenue for his business ventures.

The Jump to Aviation

With one foot in recruiting and the other in the hyper-growth startup & venture capital space, in 2019, Wilson and Co-Founder, Kelvin “PJKev” Mensah, brought Approved Jets to the world. Approved Jets quickly became one of the most well-known black-owned private aviation brokerage companies in the industry, servicing high-net-worth-individuals, athletes from the NBA & NFL, attorneys, major record labels, musicians, doctors, etc. While starting in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic was a difficult task, the duo was able to grow the business to multi-million dollar revenue during their first year and have increased their revenue by 30%+ every year since inception. Today, the company still remains solely-owned by Wilson & Mensah.

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